Build compelling mobile websites in days instead of weeks.

Use our intuitive editor to drag & drop content directly onto web pages, giving you more time to focus on what matters instead of spending most of your time writing source code.
Rearrange content on your web page to fit inside five separate screen sizes, for cell phones & smart phones, tablets, desktops, and Ultra HD devices.



Save pieces of content into layers, then load the same layers of content across many other web pages.


Drop components into a list of panels that can be arranged as a grid, mosaic, vertical or horizonal list, and slideshow.

Menu System

Create navigation menus which can include hover-activated drop down panels that you would drag & drop content into.

Inline Text Editor


Resize, Tile, Parallax


Slideshow, Grid, Mosaic, 3D Albums


Use HTML, CSS, and RML to create custom lists of information about people, events, products, stories, photo galleries, spreadsheets, analytics, and just about any kind of dataset.
<rml:list name="My Design">
<div class="person-container"/> 
<rml:label name="Title"/>
<rml:label name="Description" type="multiline"/>
<rml:photo name="Large Photo" size="large"/>
<rml:photo name="Photo Gallery" type="thumbs" main="Large Photo">
<rml:back design="Button Left"/>
<rml:thumbs size="small" rows="1" columns="3" design="Button: Outline: 3px Line" select="Design 4"/>
<rml:next design="Button Right"/>
<rml:button name="Details Button" text="View Details" design="Button Design 1"/>


Create high-quality Youtube playlists, and play Vimeo videos as well. 


Play your favorite tracks from SoundCloud.

Page List

Give users a reason to explore your web site by giving them links to related content.

Social Icons

Customize icons for external websites you want to link to.


Let users rate your web pages based on the content you are sharing.


Facebook & Disqus

3rd Party Widgets

Share content & connect with people from external web services.


you can drag & drop onto the page

Experiment with Colors

Browse through our library of curated color schemes and find one that fits the personality of your web site.

Customize Backgrounds

Colorize a texture of your choice, upload your own image, or even use a video for your website background!

Beautiful Components

Change the design of your panels, buttons, & menus, adding color, textures, and unique border patterns

Stacking Algorithm

Your content will make space & keep from overlapping by using intelligent algorithms that stacks content vertically.

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